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Display & Retargeting Campaign Study

Online Retail Product

  • This is a monthly progress report from a campaign that includes display advertising, with retargeting. The goal of the campaign was to drive consumers to purchase directly online.
  • The contracted number of impressions were one million. In this example, we over-delivered to achieve the minimum 1% CTR (or 10,000 total monthly clicks).
  • Reports are always broken down by mobile vs. desktop, browser/device & impressions/clicks per ad.
  • This client achieved a 2.1% conversion rate on clicks (209 sales). At $217 net per acquisition, they had a positive ROI of 127% (net profit of $25,353).


Enhanced Email Campaign Study

Honda Dealership

  • This is a tracking report from an automotive enhanced eblast campaign with a retargeting rebroadcast. The goal of the campaign was to drive vehicle sales.
  • The client contracted one deployment to "in-market buyers" with an additional rebroadcast to openers and clickers only.
  • Email based products are always broken down by mobile vs. desktop, browser/device, opens, clicks and graphs to demonstrate daily performance.
  • The client runs this campaign structure six times over a three month period. During that time frame, we recorded 15,323 website clicks. The increase in web traffic resulted in significantly more foot traffic and a month-over-month increase in vehicles sold. 


eblast Report Study

National Home Builder Open House

  • This study represents a single deployment, open house registration drive from a National home builder client. The goal of the campaign was to drive RSVP's to sell units in a property development.
  • The client contracts single deployments of our eblast products to attract potential home buyers local to the property.
  • This report is an example of how we can show a breakdown of cities- represented by the pie chart above.
  • As a result of this single deployment, the client received a CTR of 2.49% (1,741 clicks). They saw a 34% increase in RSVP's- from only a $1,400 total campaign cost.